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San Diego Solar Panel Hazards

Solar Check is San Diego's Premier Solar Panel Cleaning and Solar Panel Inspection Company. Our specialty is helping you to get the most out of the sun and your solar system investment. Not only do we provide services for the greater San San Diego County area, but we also have an office in Lake Havasu City, Mohave County, AZ to provide professional solar panel cleaning services there as well.

Dusty Solar Panels can greatly reduce your energy production. Solar panels do get rinsed off a little by rain but in general we rarely get enough rain to make a difference. If you think rain cleans off your solar panels, consider the dirty film that blackets your vehicle and windshield after the brief periods of rain we normally experience. Rain would not clean the black and white blotch that appears in the solar panel picture above. In addition to a dusty environment, Southern California has an abundant bird population. Our feathered friends tend to leave evidence of their presence on everything including solar panels. Dust and bird dropping are just a few of the many reasons that solar panels must be professionally cleaned. Also, renewable energy production is reduced by the presence of road tar, pollen, sap and environmental particles that buildup on your solar panels. Realistically where dirty solar panels are concerned, the rain is not a solution.

Ladders and Hoses to Clean Your Solar Panels

Many people think using a hose is the way to clean solar panels. This method is not really recommended. Getting on a ladder and splashing water on an electricity producing device could lead to accidents. New solar systems are designed to be water tight and safe but wires wear and depending on the quality of your solar system over time things can and do breakdown. If your system has a ground short that you are unaware off or if you get water on a component that would not get wet under normal conditions, you could be seriously injured . It is best to contact a professional to inspect and clean your solar system. A licensed electrician is required to install solar systems today as most solar systems are tied into the utility grid. Do not take unnecessary risks. The price to inspect and clean your solar system is so much less than the cost of an injury, why take the risk?

Hiring a Window Washer to Clean Your Solar Panels

While window washers are accustomed to working from ladders and they can make your windows look new again, they do not typically understand the care of solar panels nor do they use the proper environmentally safe and manufacturer recommended solutions. As professionals we can spot problem areas that will go unnoticed by someone who has had no real training. We can bring solar system maintenance concerns to your attention, correct minor issues and keep your solar panels producing at the highest efficiency year after year. As an independent Service Provider of Solar Maid, America's largest volume PV Cleaning Service we have the expertise and the products to properly clean and protect your investment. Like any investment, a solar system is an asset that keeps providing a return. Since you would not trust your investment portfolio to an auto mechanic, don't trust your solar investment to a window washer. We do Solar Panel Inspections and Efficiency Tests using CEC standards and utilize nationally recognized Solar Maid cleansers that are biodegradable, use very little water and are approved by Solar Panel Manufacturers.

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